The Tech & Dance Collective (TDC) originated from the ADE Hackathon. After organizing the ADE Hackathon twice, we noticed the potential for linking the tech and dance scene on a more structural basis. There is a lot to gain in bringing both industries together, boosting cross industry collaboration and innovation in the dance industry.

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ADE Hackathon

Boost innovation in the dance industry by bringing people and companies together from both the dance industry as the tech and startup scene. Check out www.adehack.com for an impression. Interested to join us in 2018? Send us a mail.

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Industry Innovation

Are you a player in the dance industry and want input on your idea or challenge? We will hook you up with the right people and guide you through a process focusing on a concrete deliverable. From stage design to app design, we’ll help you generate new ideas and develop them, maybe even into a brand new business.

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Startup Link

Does you startup have great ideas for the dance industry, but you lack market access or network. TDC can challenge you on your idea and hook you up with the right people, to further grow your idea to a business.